Content Strategy

Content is king, and you need a solid content strategy to leap in ranking.

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When they say content is king, they’re not kidding: over 4.6 billion pieces of content are created every day and 70% of B2B marketers are moving most of their digital marketing efforts toward content, according to the Content Marketing Institute. A social or ad campaign only runs for as long as you let it run, but content delivers long-term value as it’s up for however long you want it to be. Someone can come across a blog post you wrote a year ago and suddenly become a customer.

Content doesn’t start and stop at blog posts and having good website copy: do you know for sure if you’re giving your readers what they want, and that you’re attracting the kind of traffic that translates into the kind of clients or customers you need?

Worry no more. Harnessing the power of big data and keyword research, I can devise a content plan and execution strategy that makes sense for your organization and readership. While I’m the most familiar with creative professionals, the video games industry, and financial services I have worked with clients of all sizes in the tech, healthcare, and consumer products industries as a strategist.

Content Strategy Services

Whether you need a full content plan or help with a specific issue when it comes to your content marketing needs, Sonic Toad has you covered!

Content Plans

This is everything under the sun related to your content strategy. Your toad will get all of the bugs in the pond, so to speak: keyword mapping and research, customer journey map, buyer personas, topic selection, and editorial calendar all rolled into one (or customized to your needs.)

Keyword Maps

Knowing which keywords to use can be daunting. But with the power of analytics and an experienced content strategist, it doesn’t have to be. With a keyword map in hand, you can find the right topics and build a responsive content calendar that is giving people exactly what they want, because they search for these very keywords frequently. No more worrying about how responsive a keyword is: I can find that out for you.

Customer Journey Map

The way that people find out about businesses today is drastically different than it used to be. Advertising doesn’t tell the whole story even if it’s the first time someone learns about your business, and you need to know when and how people are finding out about you. A customer journey map provides insight on where people are likely to find out about your business and how to work that into your overall content plan.

Topic Selection and Editorial Calendars

Don’t know what topics your readers care about? Or what your website should contain? Strong topic selection means that you have plenty of interesting content that keeps visitors returning and sharing, and planning an editorial calendar around special events and times that keywords are likely to see the most action┬áleads to better sales.


All content strategy is customized so please contact me if you’re interested in content strategy services.

Need to pick my brain for just a few minutes about content plans? Head to my Clarity page!