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Content Strategy for Indie Game Developers

Indie game developers are facing a discoverability crisis: there's so many games out there. Too many games, perhaps!

Marketing your game is one of the biggest thorns in game devs' sides, especially with so many more games out there now. But fear not: you have a fighting chance against the indiepocalypse by harnessing the power of content marketing and forming a solid content strategy that will keep attracting people to your game long after you post it! Content is king and you're going to learn why it's the future of selling indie games and growing a fanbase.

This webinar is appropriate for all technical proficiency levels, no marketing knowledge or game development experience is necessary! If you're not in games but in another creative profession that involves world-building such as a novelist or filmmaker, you may also find this content marketing and content strategy webinar helpful.

To learn more and purchase this course, visit its page at Udemy!

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