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You want to work with me? Awesome. Let me help you hop to your success today so you can chill on your pad tomorrow!

Here are the services that I offer. Please check out each link for more details and if you need a speaker or instructor, contact me here.

  • Consulting for Indie Developers

    • Starting a games studio is an exciting challenge, one that I jumped into without much of a safety net and to the chagrin of those who thought I should use my accounting degrees for something else. Speaking from experience and years of accumulating business development skills, I can help you start the game studio you always wanted and guide you in your journey all the way from incorporation to marketing your first game. Whether you’re new to indie games or a seasoned developer who needs some help with the business side of going indie: I’ve been trusted by Playcrafting, the Gamasutra community, and countless game developer conventions when it comes to the business of games and I want to help you level up.
  • Doing Business with Indie Developers

    • Game development is a mammoth industry today, and indie developers are one of the fastest-growing creative professions whether they work as solopreneurs or in small teams. Is your company looking to sell your products services to both large and small game developers, or focus on a specific market segment? I can help your company get more business from game developers of all calibers.
  • Writing Services

    • I’ve written books, been featured on the front page of Gamasutra virtually every time I’ve written for them, write this blog, and people pay me to privately write for them directly through my site and on content creation platforms. Whether it’s humorous or authoritative content¬†that you’re looking for, I can diligently get that text written in the voice you need.
  • Content Strategy

    • Content is king, and no business should go full speed ahead without a content plan in place. I’ve done content strategy for companies in various industries and all sizes, and can tailor this specially to game developers or to any niche or industry looking to adopt a long-term content marketing strategy. I can help you with keyword maps, full content plans, topic selection and editorial calendars, and determining the customer journey.
  • Marketing & Copywriting for Indie Developers

    • Marketing your work is the bane of indie developers: there’s email marketing, social media campaigns, finding the right Let’s Players to partner with, and so much more. So much that you can easily overlook simple yet crucial aspects like how you tell the story of your own game and how people will find it on your website! If you want to focus on making a great game instead of figuring out what text to place on your Steam page or that release day email, I offer cost-effective packages to fit every indie budget which can be bundled with a strategy session or purchased alone.
  • Freelancer Coaching and Career Development¬†

    • Are you having a hard time getting the pay you deserve? Tired of clients stiffing you, or treating you like your time isn’t valuable, and that you just can’t make it work? Learn how to get great clients, make money, and thrive as a freelancer with one-on-one freelancer coaching from a professional hustler! My main areas of expertise are freelance writers, creatives, and interactive entertainment professionals, but the principles of crushing it at freelancing apply to all professionals.

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