Doing Business with Indie Developers

B2B for Companies Outside of the Games Industry

The gaming industry is the largest segment of the entire entertainment industry, now eclipsing film and music combined according to NPD Group, Gartner, and other market experts. The money isn’t just in AAA gaming either: more and more people are choosing the indie developer life in search of having fun while they make a living.

Have you been trying to get business from game developers, particularly the ever-growing population of indie developers, but your attempts have been falling flat? Fear no more. I can help you market your products and services to game developers! The problem might not be with your product or pricing but how you’re reaching out to potential new clients and customers in the gaming sphere.

As an experienced B2B marketer and content strategist and an indie developer myself who is trusted by the community as a business expert, I can craft a sales strategy and B2B campaign that will work for you where previous efforts have failed to engage with the game development community.

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