Writing Services

Need a freelance writer?

Aside from the Sonic Toad blog, I’ve written articles for Playcrafting, Pollen VC, Tax Pro Journal, and several front-page features on Gamasutra as well as a weekly feature at Game with Your Brain. I’ve earned a consistent 6-star rating and above-average Exceeded My Expectations rate at Writer Access, in addition to working with other content platforms. You can also see a sampling of my published works on Contently.

I am an experienced freelance writer who is used to working with various editorial guidelines and brand voices. I have written for every size of business from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies and write predominantly about business, lifestyle issues for entrepreneurs, tax law, the gaming industry, and digital marketing. I also write about public policy, travel, and amphibian biology and care.



Online Content & Content Strategy

In addition to article and e-book writing plus my own site, I’ve also written plenty of online content. I specialize in writing about business, game development, and taxes but I’ve also been hired as a humor and nostalgia writer for Playcrafting and various private clients. I’m happy to work within any editorial guidelines that you set.

If you work with me privately, my rate varies from $0.30-$1/word depending on the amount of research and citations required. Blog posts will be on the lower end while professional ghostwriting is on the higher end.

Content strategy is another service that I offer if you’re unsure what kind of content needs to go on your website and what keywords will suit your needs the best, as well as forming a solid content plan.

Please contact me with details about your ghostwriting and content marketing/strategy needs and if you’d like to see samples that are unavailable on my public profiles.

Whitepapers: If you are in need of a business, educational, or public policy whitepaper, my minimum fee is $1,500. Fee will adjust based on the length, scope, and the applicable research, interviews, and travel required. “E-book” type whitepapers start at $0.35/word.


Educational Content

I’ve worked in adult education as an instructor as well as a curriculum, lesson, and exam designer. I got my start writing the Special Enrollment Exam for tax professionals with Prometric and high-clearance IRS employees and designing Playcrafting’s business foundation for game developers. Having a knack for making high-level financial concepts prone to familiarity blindness something accessible and even fun, I gained educational content clients such as Shmoop and Pearson to develop lessons and entire courses. I am familiar with Bloom’s taxonomy and applying it to adult education and professional exams.

Contact me if you’re seeking an educational content writer who makes things easy for students (or your employees and strategic partners) to understand, but still challenges them.

Narrative Design, Dialog, and In-Game Writing

Growing up playing adventure games, reading the text and dialog was always one of my favorite aspects in how they fleshed out the game world. If you’d like my particular brand of storytelling in your game, I’d be happy to help you out. Writing for games isn’t on the same page as writing a book or film given the interactivity and what is often multiple gameplay paths. Contact me if you’re looking for a narrative designer or text writer for your game and let’s talk rates: an MMO has different needs than a lunch break sized mobile game.


If there’s any content creation you need that you don’t see here or doesn’t fit these express options, just head over to my contact page!