Sonic Toad Consulting: Hop to Your Success Today, So You Can Chill on Your Pad Tomorrow!

Sonic Toad Consulting isn't just any old business consultant or games industry consultancy: it's where you can be coached to make a living and a life by your design.

Marketing and professional development for indie game developers, freelance writers, aspiring entrepreneurs and free agents doesn't have to be a one-and-done deal: what are your long-term goals and how do you want to build up your pad of choice?

Whether you're aiming for the humble spring peeper or the mighty cane toad, Sonic Toad is here to help you hop to your success today, so you can chill on your pad tomorrow! ®

Business Education

Known in the gaming industry for her business expertise, Rachel’s adult education experience can make tough topics easy to understand whether the audience is students, employees, or strategic partners.

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Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Rachel is an engaging and humorous keynote speaker and convention speaker who can bring life to your event and drive your message home.

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Content Strategy & Creation

Need a writer to tell your story, or build up your website or professional positioning? Look no further for world-class content strategy and creation services.

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Indie developers, freelance writers, prospective business owners and other free agents in need of professional development advice and problem-solving can get their burning questions answered.

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Hey! Do you want to totally kill it at owning a game studio or another creative business but are struggling? Or you just don’t know where to start?

Yes! I want to know all the secrets to totally crushing this!


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