Sonic Toad Consulting offers a full suite of professional development consulting services tailored to indie game developers’ unique needs as well as that of freelance writers, designers, and other creative professionals and aspiring free agents and small business owners.

In addition to working with individual and small business clients, Sonic Toad also works with clients in the B2B sphere for both content strategy and consulting on the business of games for companies who wish to do business with game developers of all calibers and are new to the industry.

The Business of Games

Starting a business presents many challenges to begin with. But whether you want to pursue game development full-time or see what other career paths are in store, there’s a lot of quirks to starting a business in the gaming industry that most traditional types of businesses simply don’t face. Cash flow management, getting funded, attracting and retaining a fanbase, and all while your team could possibly be scattered across the farthest corners of the earth– these are challenges that not just any business consultant can guide you through. You need Sonic Toad Consulting’s unique experience and expertise in the business of games.

Whether your challenge is creating a business plan, finding better work-life balance, or figuring out a business model that doesn’t compromise your values or creative vision: the Toad is here to help you leap to your goals by helping with the following:

  • Company structuring
  • Business plans and term sheets
  • Loan and grant applications
  • Tax and financial analysis for game development
  • Business and financial modeling tailored to indie developers and your individual needs
  • Attracting a fanbase and getting them to keep playing– and telling others about your game
  • Digital and guerrilla marketing designed specially for indie game developers
  • Finding work-life balance
  • The non-financial aspects of transitioning to the indie life
  • And more!

Freelancers and Professional Development

Going freelance is an exciting but also scary prospect. Do you worry that you won’t have enough clients to pay the bills if you do it full-time, or you’re having trouble commanding the rates that you know you’re worth? Worse yet, does it feel like you spend more time looking for work than getting paid?

Being able to market yourself, negotiate with clients, and attract quality leads are part and parcel of the freelance life and you likely weren’t taught these skills in school. If you want to avoid making the type of mistakes that lead to freelancer burnout and long waits to get paid, you’ll definitely want to invest in a consultation. Whether you’re aiming for a side hustle you’ll get good at or wanting to completely transition to a freelance career, Sonic Toad is here to help you with:

  • Positioning and branding yourself
  • Negotiation skills development
  • How to write effective inquiries and responses
  • Time management and building a life on your own terms
  • Developing an infrastructure that ensures less time is spent looking for work
  • Lead generation tactics designed just for your skill set
  • Those dreaded freelancer taxes, with tips from a licensed tax professional
  • And more!

B2B Marketing and Games Industry Expertise

The games industry is fast-growing and surpassing film and music combined. Game developers and gamers alike spend large amounts of money so it’s no surprise that firms are seeking to market to these powerful demographics. If you’re going to make that leap, you want Sonic Toad Consulting on your side to guide you through the intricacies of the business of games.

Marketing to game developers takes a drastically different approach than marketing to gamers (which the amphibious powers are also happy to be of service with.) Doing business with people who make games for a living and forming partnerships with studios and other businesses in the gaming sphere has many quirks where standard business development measures just won’t do.

Whether your organization needs a game developer’s expertise for a project or building a long-term business development plan to capture the game dev market, Sonic Toad can direct you to the exact pond you need to be in.

Fixed-Price Consulting Packages

Sonic Toad Consulting offers both fixed-price and dynamic options for your business consulting and subject matter expert needs. If these packages don’t fit your needs and budget, page down for more information on my Clarity line! We’re also always happy to customize a package or arrangement for your needs, please contact us to arrange a custom package!

30-minute Consultation


Got burning questions about your game dev, business, or marketing goals? Let’s do a quick 30-minute call where we can go through those questions and put you on the right path. This is usually the best option for indie developers and new freelancers on a budget.

2-hour Consultation + Written Report


Need more in-depth focus on the problem that needs to be solved? Whether it’s company structuring, fanbase growth, building out a content strategy that makes sense for a new website, or going over that business plan or publisher agreement, two hours will be dedicated to answering all of your questions. You will also receive a written report going over the consultation to ensure that you’ve got the propulsion to hop to your success.

4 Weeks’ Worth of Coaching


The best value for your money if you want to make a serious investment in your professional development as a game developer or new free agent. We’ll talk a few times a week (hours and days at your discretion) as if Sonic Toad Consulting is your on-call hint button in an old school game. You will also get smaller deliverables by the week to help you hop to your goals and get the big juicy flies you deserve.

This option is best for start-ups and small dev teams that have already commenced operations, and B2B clients seeking marketing and content strategy on a more regular basis.

Your initial call will be scheduled after a package has been purchased through PayPal below. For engagements that don’t fit these packages, please contact me.

Sonic Toad Consulting Fixed-Price Options

Don’t want to use PayPal, or it isn’t available in your country? No problem! Pay with Wave below (credit card or bank transfer) or contact us to discuss alternate payment arrangements!

Consulting on Clarity (By the Minute)

Don’t know how much time you’ll need to have your questions answered? Clarity is the best option for business consulting that’s incredibly flexible. You can schedule as many or few calls on Clarity as necessary, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes.

How Clarity works: Request a call and time slot with an approximate call length. Your card will be charged for the initial amount of time booked. If you go over time, the call will not disconnect but you will be charged by the additional minute. If you go under the estimated call time, your card will be refunded the difference from your deposit.

Business Consulting and Professional Development for Indie Game Developers, Freelance Writers, and Aspiring Free Agents

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