Here is a curated selection of helpful content for Sonic Toad’s client base, and high-quality writing samples. More can be seen on the writing services page, and additional samples can be provided upon request.

New Comprehensive Website and Portfolio at!

Sonic Toad Media now has a spin-off website, The Esoteric Tax Writer, dedicated solely to copywriting and portfolio hosting.

After Contently kicked off most of its users, it was time for a bespoke solution that you can visit for a larger selection of whitelabeled samples.

Freelancing Advice

Before you decide to invest in freelancer coaching, here’s some advice you can have for free.

Learn how to say NO!

Rate Negotiation 101

Communications and Taking a Leap of Faith

The Art and Business of Game Development

Games aren’t just a business: they’re also an art form that needs to be examined from the development and players’ aspects.

Don’t Neglect Game Audio!

Why Are Schools the Dominant Setting for Dating Sims?

Sex, Storytelling, and a Wonder of Game Distribution: Desire

Leisure Suit Larry Through a Feminist Lens

Law and Public Policy

Games are political. Life is political. Laws impact people. You want someone to write about tax law from an experiential standpoint or how other public policies affect our lives, you’re petting the right toad here.

AB5 Was a Mistake, Here’s Actual Pro-Worker Policy That Benefits Freelancers!

Games Themselves Are Political

Yes, Reverse Mortgages Are a Horrorshow

The Intersection of Marketing and Games

The games industry is tiny and gets ignored, even by the North American Industry Classification System! But what happens within the business of games, game marketing, and gaming and Internet culture soon has a ripple effect to other industries, so you’ll want an expert in this area on your side.

What’s a Game Bark and How Should It Intersect with Your Content?

The Past and Present of User-Generated Content

Making Dating Sims Part of Your Content Strategy

The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing with Memes

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