Business Education

Business education is the language that Sonic Toad speaks, as it helps toads of all sizes catch the most bugs at their own pace.

Illustration of a long shadow brain with  a game pad

Rachel Presser has been a business of games instructor with Playcrafting at their flagship chapter in New York since the company’s early days. With a vast background in adult education, she got her start with test development work by writing the Special Enrollment Exam for tax professionals. She worked with Prometric and IRS officials to create and edit the tax law exam and set the minimum competency standards for Enrolled Agents (Rachel still holds an EA license) before teaching career training courses through state jobs program. Rachel went on to build the suite of live classes for Playcrafting that formed their business of games education foundation then took it to their chapters in other cities followed by universities. In addition to Playcrafting and Udemy courses, Rachel gained educational content clients like Pearson to develop lessons and entire courses.

Having a knack for making high-level business and financial concepts prone to familiarity blindness something accessible and even fun, Rachel’s classes and lectures leave the students with valuable takeaways and wanting to learn more. If your university runs a game design program that aims to prepare prospective game developers for going indie, her experience and expertise in the business of games will prove to be valuable to your program.

Rachel works with game design programs at universities and private organizations in need of a trainer and can also create educational content tailored for your program or team. Contact her today for your business education needs!