Interm Business Dev Manager

When you’re starting your game studio, you’ve got a lot on your mind: making the best build possible and taking it to shows, building up your following, and staying on time and on budget. Publisher deals, business plans, finding the right people for the team in the short and long run, taxes, choosing a business entity– they’re the last things you want to think about.

The business of games is complex and constantly changing. If you’re unsure how to take your company to the next stage, let alone figure out a long-term plan that fits your game dev goals, lifestyle, and values? You just might be looking for a longer-term fix than a one-time consultation.

Sonic Toad is proud to offer interim business development management services. Every indie developer’s needs and business goals are unique, and sometimes needs a longer-term “hint button” to take the strain off of navigating business management, especially if you’re already stretched thin. Already got your funds in place but haven’t found the right person for that biz dev role? We’re happy to work with you on an interim basis!

Want to focus on making a great game and temporarily leave all those stressful and boring business bits to someone else? Drop a line and let’s see if we’re a good fit!