How much do you charge for writing work?

My rates start at 30 CPW for most forms of content, usually capping at $1/word. It ultimately depends on the type of content, length, scope, and required research. If you’d like to commission a whitepaper requiring a great deal of primary research, my minimum fee is $1,500.

Upfront payment is required for smaller projects, deposits for larger projects.

Is upfront payment required for consulting?

Yes, please use the PayPal buttons provided. You have the security of PayPal’s dispute process in the unlikely event I do not deliver or get back to you. If you’re using Clarity, you are also billed upfront for the estimated call time.

What’s the difference between a toad and a frog?

Both are amphibians, but a toad is technically a type of frog but not all frogs are toads. Generally, frogs have smooth skin while toads are warty and frogs lose moisture upon contact but toads don’t which is why toads are superior for petting.

What’s your speaking fee?

I discuss this on a case by case basis, please contact me.

I just need to pick your brain/please look at this for a few minutes…

I get more brain-picking requests than a zombie buffet these days. So I made a Clarity profile where you can book just a couple minutes with me if you're not ready to invest in a full-length session. I’m happy to look over what you have while we’re on the line.

Clarity's an awesome place where you can both sell your expertise and book time with others for theirs. Because wouldn't you also want to be paid for your time having your brain picked?

How does billing through Clarity work?

Your credit card is billed upfront for the amount of time you estimate you will need for your call (e.g. 30 minutes.) If our call is under that time, your card will be refunded the difference per minute. If we go over time, you’re not kicked off the line or anything. You will just be billed for each additional minute after the call ends.

What kind of toad is Yael?

A southern toad (bufo terrestris.) May she rest in power.

I’d love to reprint my client’s content on your WordPress site or post something on your blog…

No sale. Try ConstantContent or Freedom With Writing.

How can you be a hardcore leftist but also teach business and be very pro-entrepreneurship? Aren’t they antithetical?

Read up on Friedrich Engels and get back to me. Advocate for a basic income while you’re at it, we’re past due for it.