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Sonic Toad Media is well, Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Sonic Toad creates various media in addition to games. More projects will be added to this page over time but you can be informed and entertained by the following:

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The Definitive Guide to Taxes for Indie Game Developers

Second Edition

Are you an indie developer who’s been meeting many head-scratchers as to what to do about your taxes? There’s setting up the actual business, figuring out what you can and can’t deduct, working out of your home, having team members overseas, treatment of your development costs, and so much more! Most tax books are so dry, dull, and boring but most of all, they’re usually meant for more traditional kinds of businesses. In this pocket tax guide complete with citations of Internal Revenue Code sections, court cases, and other authoritative materials, the tax concerns of the typical indie developer are addressed in a manner that is easily understood by people who make and play games.

In this updated and polished edition published by Taylor & Francis, the original book has been updated for the 2018 tax reform, CARES Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and more. By purchasing the book through the Taylor and Francis website, readers will have access to exclusive web content I will publish every year pertaining to tax code updates relevant to game devs.

The original edition that was available on Kindle can now be found for free right here (PDF download).

How to Make Money Online: With and Without Working

Many people dream of quitting their job and making money in pants-free bliss. But “making money online” means different things to different people: perhaps they’d like the security of a 9-5 job but hate going to an office. Maybe it’s starting an online business, or simply finding random ways to pick up cash with a few keystrokes or swipes. Whether your goal is to build up bits of residual cash online to bolster your savings or to completely ditch the rat race and never have to put on pants ever again, this guide has something for everyone: even most tech-unsavvy person out there who wants to make money online!

How to Earn a Living as a Content Writer

Stumped on how to get started with writing for the Internet? There’s a whole sea of information out there and countless scam artists trying to sell you get-rich-quick schemes…while people stuck slaving at content mills say it’s impossible to make money as a writer online. This no-bullshit guide explains how you can make a livable income with content writing in a decent timeframe with plenty of concrete examples of pitches, techniques, and the exact places to look, all made possible with a partnership with Freedom with Writing, a top notch resource for making a living in pants-free bliss at home.

E-Courses and Online Learning Materials

Get your business of games education on the go, anywhere you have an internet connection, with Sonic Toad’s new selection of e-courses and webinars!

Sometimes you just can’t make it to a live event or you want something more interactive and/or audio-inclined to learn from. With many more webinars and full-length courses to come, look no further for awesome game dev education in marketing your work, handling your operations, and other topics soon to come!

Content Strategy for Indie Game Developers on Udemy

Sonic Toad’s partner Rakuten offers 7.5% cash rebates on Udemy purchases, with a sign-on bonus in Ebates bucks if you create an account using this link!

Indie game developers are facing a discoverability crisis: there’s so many games out there. Too many games, perhaps!

Marketing your game is one of the biggest thorns in game devs’ sides, especially with so many more games out there now. But fear not: you have a fighting chance against the indiepocalypse by harnessing the power of content marketing and forming a solid content strategy that will keep attracting people to your game long after you post it! Content is king and you’re going to learn why it’s the future of selling indie games and growing a fanbase.

This webinar is appropriate for all technical proficiency levels, no marketing knowledge or game development experience is necessary! If you’re not in games but in another creative profession that involves world-building such as a novelist or filmmaker, you may also find this content marketing and content strategy webinar helpful.

To learn more and purchase this course, visit its page at Udemy!