Travel Depression, Vacation Depression, and Coming Down From Long Journeys

  Fall solstice is just around the corner and I’m gleefully looking at all the Halloween items popping up on store shelves and even on some doorways already. Piping hot ersatz squash beverages are out in full force. Unsurprisingly, people are trying to get those last minute vacations in if they didn’t already before the […]

The Never-Ending Debate on Crowdfunding: Are Professionals Wrong for Using It?

Not terribly long ago on Twitter, I had an interesting conversation with an independent journalist I admire. (Linda Tirado, you should definitely check her work out and consider supporting her on Patreon.) It was about the importance of crowdfunding independent journalism especially in this age of blatant misinformation coupled with information overload and TPTB trying […]

Why Moralizing About Fun and Partying is Stupid: Life is Too Short and Doesn’t Wait

  Recently, I was making some updates to my LinkedIn profile and came across a post in my feed. It said: “To all the people partying on the weekend and blowing tons of cash who are not where they want to be in life…. What exactly are you celebrating?” A good question, I suppose. To […]

Fandoms, Hopes and Dreams, Work-Life Balance, and Other Life-Shattering Realizations From a Late-Night Showing of The Devil Wears Prada

I’ve been finding myself at the movies a lot more lately. Maybe it’s just because City Point is a convenient one-stop shop if I need groceries or other stuff in the same building where Alamo Drafthouse is which makes the schlep to Brooklyn worth it. Or that I’m rediscovering in my old age how seeing […]

The Virtues of Keeping It Small (Or, Why Endless Growth Isn’t This Be-All End-All)

Whether it’s a game studio, a pizza shop, or a design firm: explosive growth doesn’t *have to be* your end goal. In fact, there’s much to be said for keeping small business small on purpose. For the uninitiated, there’s different types of business publications and advisers out there: the ones who get you from $0 […]