Consulting for Indie Developers

Business Consulting for Indie Developers

Starting a new business presents a lot of exciting challenges as it is. But indie developers have extra quirks that a more traditional kind of business just doesn’t face when it comes to cash flows, location of dev team members, IP ownership, growing a fanbase, and so on.

Whether you are just getting the wheels in motion to formalize your game studio into a real company or you’re having a hard time with business decision-making and need help with short-term and long-term strategies, I can lend an ear for an hour or two. If you’re also in need of more formal documents like business plans as a result of trying to get traditional or alternative funding, I’d be happy to use my financial background to help you out whether your goal is growth or attaining financial freedom.

  • Company structuring
  • Business plans and term sheets
  • Loan and grant applications
  • Tax and financial analysis for game development
  • Business and financial modeling designed specially for indie developers
  • Attracting a fanbase and getting them to stay
  • Digital and guerrilla marketing designed specially for indie game developers
  • Finding work-life balance
  • Transitioning to the indie life


Consulting Packages

Don’t want to worry about retainers or getting billed by the hour? Here’s some fixed price options!

One-Room Demo: $150

A 30-minute call where we’ll go over your goals as a game developer and how you can reach them and grow your studio. Best option for indies on a budget.

Jam Length Game: $500

Two-hour one-on-one consultation plus a written strategy outline and will cover company structure, fanbase growth, goal-setting, and capital raising options that make sense for your priorities and values (or any other critical areas of your business plan that need to be discussed.) You will also receive a comprehensive written report detailing your strategy and how to move forward.

Full Length Game: $2,000

I will be your on-call hint button for four (4) weeks! We’ll talk twice a week and address all of the crucial aspects of starting your studio like choosing an entity, coming up with an ideal business model, getting past your obstacles to a finished game, and building up your name as well as thorough written reports on all of your objectives.


All calls will be scheduled after a package has been purchased through PayPal below.

Consulting Packages

Got a limited budget or just one or two burning questions that require you to pick my brain? Head over to my Clarity FM page to book a shorter call by the minute!

(Please note that both the One Room Demo and calls scheduled through Clarity do not include a written report.)