Freelancer Coaching

Not making any money freelancing? Feel stuck in gear? You need a freelancing coach!



I’ve been entrusted to speak about not just navigating the freelance life, but thriving in it, at industry events across the country and my Level Up Your Freelance Game Dev Career class has taken off at Playcrafting. 

No matter what industry you’re in, there are multiple facets to freelance work that make it both challenging and rewarding. It can seem difficult to get established and consistently get work. If you’re facing issues with going freelance or growing your business, it could be time to schedule a consulting session with a professional hustler:


  • Do you really hate your job and think that you can find more control and happiness by going freelance with what you do but don’t know where to start?

  • Have you been at the freelance game for a while now but think that you can make more money but just can’t seem to find that X factor to do so? Having a hard time getting paid what you’re worth?

  • Better yet, do you want to learn how you can make the work come to you instead of spending your days constantly looking for gigs?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for some one-on-one help. Here’s what I can offer freelancers in need of help:


30-Minute Consulting Session: $150

A 30-minute call where we’ll go over any issues that you need to immediately address but don’t require the intensity of a two-hour call. This is also the ideal option if you are on a budget.

2-Hour Consulting Session: $500

Two-hour one-on-one consultation plus a written strategy outline that will cover your questions and concerns about freelancing and how to accomplish your professional and financial goals.

3-Day Burning Question Plan: $1,000

If you have a burning issue that really needs special attention– more than what a two-hour consultation can provide– we’ll have three one-hour talks spread over three days to address a live project or conflict that you’re currently in the middle of and need an extra pair of eyes on. If your deadline for this project happens to be within less than three days, we’ll snap it up in two 90-minute or one 3-hour session, plus you’ll get thorough written reports and suggestions. This option is ideal for freelancers working in teams or already with paying clients, or simply want to address different concerns by the day.

4-Week Crushing It Plan: $2,000

I will be on-call for four (4) weeks! We’ll talk twice a week and address all of the critical areas related to working for yourself all the way from marketing and financials to determining a career path that works for you. Thorough written reports that address all of your burning questions and career objectives are included.


Just have a few quick questions on how to crush it at freelancing? Head over to my Clarity FM page to book just a few minutes!