Marketing & Copywriting for Indie Developers

Marketing & Copywriting for Indie Developers

Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out how you’re going to market your game: the bane of all indie developers. But game marketing doesn’t have to difficult, whether it’s in the overall strategy or how you’re going to implement getting the word out about your game.

Game marketing strategies can be arranged through on my consulting page and Clarity page depending on your budget, and I’m always willing to create a customized game marketing package that fits your needs. But if you need a quick fix because you have no idea what to write or what will convince players to pick up your game, here’s a couple cost-effective express options that can help put you on the right track to getting your game noticed:

Game Description for Steam Page & Other Distributors: $75

You need a compelling description to sell your game, whether it’s on Steam,, or your very own website. It has to provide plenty of detail but also be concise enough to share just the most crucial facets of the gameplay, story, inspiration, and the games that you think it best compares to. You need this not only to give players a frame of reference, but also for SEO purposes: you’d be surprised what people search for and what can inadvertently bring them to your game’s page!

Good copy is direly necessary for people to see how awesome your game is: if they’re turned off from that description and this is their first impression of your studio, it can wind up costing you far more than this fee. What are you waiting for?

Indie Game Marketing Package: $250

This package offers more than just crafting excellent game copy. I will also provide you with the following in addition to your game description:

  • Five (5) customized tweets for you to pop out into the social media stratosphere
  • Publisher tagline for when you need a short-form description of your game
  • Release date blast email copy (you’ve been building a mailing list, right? If not, you’ll need to book one of these!)

Indie Game Deluxe Marketing Package: $450

Need a one-stop shop for preparing to sell your game? You will get everything in the regular Indie Game Marketing Package, PLUS the following:

  • Press release and distribution instructions
  • 30-minute strategy consultation (phone, Skype, or Hangouts)
  • Guidance for printed promotional materials