Reptile Trade/Reptile Hobby Marketing and Business Development

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Business Development and Marketing for Reptile Breeders

Are you a reptile breeder, feeder bug supplier, or thinking about starting a business in another vertical meant to market to people in the reptile hobby?

Sonic Toad Consulting is a great fit for reptile business planning and reptile hobby marketing!

While her wheelhouse is the games industry, Rachel has over 25 years of experience as a toad, frog, iguanid, and varanid babysitter and mom. After all, if there’s anything that reptile husbandry has in common with indie games? It’s that when something can happen with them, it will.

Her lifelong passion for reptiles and amphibians led her to accomplish her lifelong dream of writing for Reptiles magazine, where she is now a regular contributor discussing reptile husbandry and ethical and legal issues in the reptile trade. Upon moving to Los Angeles and becoming ensconced in the massive reptile hobby in southern California, she also saw there was a demand for reptile breeder-focused business education, and consulting services dedicated to the marketing, taxation, business structuring, and business development needs of the reptile community.

Are you unsure what business entity would work best for your scaly new enterprise?

Hit a snag with your established company, and need a fresh set of eyes and claws to diagnose and solve the problem without needing dewormer?

Content is king, but you don’t know how to compete with those professionally-shot Instagram reels of rare snakes or how to make engaging blog posts that educate and inform your customers?

You know you need certain permits, but you don’t trust those “start a corporation for $100” services to really do a thorough compliance check for a highly-niche trade that even lawmakers admitted they don’t actually understand?

Book your consult with a reptile hobby long-timer who can guide you at every step of the way with starting your dream reptile business!

Sonic Toad Media LLC has been a USARK Silver Member since 2022
Check out Rachel’s writing and care sheets for Reptiles magazine, the OG herptile mag!
Rachel’s monitor lizard Liora trusts her enough to fall asleep on her mid-cuddle! That’s how you know you’re in good hands!