The Never-Ending Debate on Crowdfunding: Are Professionals Wrong for Using It?

Not terribly long ago on Twitter, I had an interesting conversation with an independent journalist I admire. (Linda Tirado, you should definitely check her work out and consider supporting her on Patreon.) It was about the importance of crowdfunding independent journalism especially in this age of blatant misinformation coupled with information overload and TPTB trying […]

How The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Was Ahead of Its Time, and What It Told Us About American Values

All these TV shows from my childhood are getting reboots. Boy Meets World, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and probably a few more. Part of me thinks this is a really cool byproduct of crowdfunding which is how MST3K and Reading Rainbow among other beloved IPs at least 20 years old got resurrected, […]

How do I get a following?

It’s the six figure question I’ve been asked millions of times by potential clients: “If I need to have a following in order to have a successful crowdfunding effort, then how do I get one?” If you’re doing a rewards-based campaign for your business or creative endeavors, or raising funds for a personal purpose even, […]