Fandoms, Hopes and Dreams, Work-Life Balance, and Other Life-Shattering Realizations From a Late-Night Showing of The Devil Wears Prada

I’ve been finding myself at the movies a lot more lately. Maybe it’s just because City Point is a convenient one-stop shop if I need groceries or other stuff in the same building where Alamo Drafthouse is which makes the schlep to Brooklyn worth it. Or that I’m rediscovering in my old age how seeing […]

Disasters, Dreams, and Risk-Taking: Thoughts on The Disaster Artist

At the time of writing, everyone’s abuzz about The Disaster Artist, the screen adaptation of the book of the same name. I saw it recently and was glued to the screen the entire time. I’ve spoken and written about my love of really bad movies and how we draw both entertainment and inspiration differently from them […]

The Banana Bread Effect

One day, I had a bunch of bananas sitting out on the counter. I love bananas because they’re versatile, cheap, portable, and if they fall on the floor I can still eat them because they have a tough natural wrapper. Well, I really just wanted to eat this one banana and save the rest for […]

When is Content Marketing Just Content For the Sake of It?

Every so often, I get an email soliciting content creation (read: writing my blog for me.) I do some content marketing work on Writer Access, so I’ve been behind the scenes on this. I’m familiar with ghost blogging, e-book ghostwriting, and just creating the kind of content that everyone from tax offices to jewelry sellers need to attract […]

Sleep and Productivity: Why You Should Have No Shame in Sleeping Like a Rock

We don’t get enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation says that adults ages 26-64 need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. With getting up early to commute and/or putting in late hours at work plus other adult responsibilities, it’s hard to get 7-9 hours in. (Particularly if you have young kids who will […]