So what do they REALLY mean by “fake it til you make it”?

I see the phrase “fake it til you make it” plastered everywhere followed by all the screeds about how you shouldn’t do just that. I think both pieces of advice are misinterpreted as well as  misapplied. Obviously, don’t fake having specialized skills: would you want to be in need of open heart surgery and the […]

Toad Tuesdays: What’s the difference between a toad and a frog?

Welcome to the first installment of Toad Tuesdays! This is where we take a break from long rants about the indie life, entrepreneurship, and so on and I just talk about my favorite animal: the humble bufonid, or toads. People always tell me they never met anyone who’s had a toad until they met me, […]

What beautifully terrible movies can tell us about refusing to give up on our dreams

Not that long ago, I was browsing LinkedIn which has devolved mostly into a Facebook kind of free-for-all with tons of stupid and irrelevant images and quizzes floating around. Normally, I just disregard them while trying to find something interesting or see what old colleagues are up to but then I stumbled across one of […]

How do I get a following?

It’s the six figure question I’ve been asked millions of times by potential clients: “If I need to have a following in order to have a successful crowdfunding effort, then how do I get one?” If you’re doing a rewards-based campaign for your business or creative endeavors, or raising funds for a personal purpose even, […]

Sonic Toad 2.0 has kicked off! A pad for indie developers, creatives, and more

Greetings, Toadlets! The day I have been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived: I have a shiny brand new website complete with this whole new blog. Because it was about time I shared my random rants with the world whether you find them helpful or entertaining. That, and have a brand new […]