Travel Depression, Vacation Depression, and Coming Down From Long Journeys

  Fall solstice is just around the corner and I’m gleefully looking at all the Halloween items popping up on store shelves and even on some doorways already. Piping hot ersatz squash beverages are out in full force. Unsurprisingly, people are trying to get those last minute vacations in if they didn’t already before the […]

Why Moralizing About Fun and Partying is Stupid: Life is Too Short and Doesn’t Wait

  Recently, I was making some updates to my LinkedIn profile and came across a post in my feed. It said: “To all the people partying on the weekend and blowing tons of cash who are not where they want to be in life…. What exactly are you celebrating?” A good question, I suppose. To […]

Finding Motivation When You’re Overwhelmed as F#&*

  “Oh great, another one of those overly perky motivational blog posts!” That might’ve been what you were thinking. It DOES get kinda tiring seeing the same old points reiterated, doesn’t it? Inspiration can be easy, but finding motivation is more difficult. Often we have the same answers for why we’re not getting things done: […]

RIP Yael, My Sweet Indie Toad: Why Pet Loss Can Hit Harder Than Losing a Human Companion

This post is actually about a few weeks overdue, but I’ve been incredibly depressed since losing Yael and lost track of the time. My sweetness lost her battle with a bacterial infection/edema she picked up at the kennel while I was away at East Coast Game Dev Con, and while I and our vet tried all […]

Toad Tuesdays: Why Toads Make Awesome Therapy Animals

This is a special edition of Toad Tuesdays, in that the timing is perfect for National Therapy Animal Day which is April 30. National Therapy Animal Day was founded by Pet Partners, America’s leading nonprofit for therapy animals and their handlers. They do an annual Sweets & Treats Day where bakers donate some of their […]