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Toad Tuesdays: Why Toads Make Awesome Therapy Animals

This is a special edition of Toad Tuesdays, in that the timing is perfect for National Therapy Animal Day which is April 30. National Therapy Animal Day was founded by Pet Partners, America's leading nonprofit for therapy animals and their handlers. They do an annual Sweets & Treats Day where bakers donate some of their…

Toad Tuesdays: Proper Handling of Toads & Other Amphibians

Of the many differences between having a toad versus having a more traditional pet like a dog or a cat, one that stands out is that you need to wash your hands both before AND after you handle a toad. Or any other amphibian for that matter. Whereas with a furry pet, you only need to…

Toad Tuesdays: A Scientific Reason I Have Blue Hair

My hair is blue most of the time, as you can see in most of my social media and About page. Sometimes it's green or teal depending on how it fades, maybe purple once in a while if I get bored of blue. It's not just because I think it's a pretty color and cold…

Toad Tuesdays: Best in Show, Toad Breeds

Just like dogs and cats, there's many different species of toads. They're more or less referred to as species and not breeds but the concept stands. I've frequently been asked what kind of toad Yael is, and according to the herper I got her from she is a Southern Toad or bufo terrestris. But she…

Toad Tuesdays, Valentines Edition: Do Toads Show Affection?

In keeping with this week's V-Day theme, I figured this would be a good time to answer the age-old question herpers always get: do toads show affection? The answer is that it depends. Yael certainly does. Then again, Yael is less of a toad and more of a marshmallow covered in warts. She has her things…

Toad Tuesdays, Groundhog Day Edition: Toad Hibernation

Happy Groundhog Day! Alas, because of the weird lighting in here Yael never sees her shadow. But sometimes she likes to pretend she’s a groundhog because toads do like burrowing. Climate crises notwithstanding, animals typically hibernate this time of year in deciduous zones. What about toads? It all depends. American toads definitely hibernate in colder…

Toad Tuesdays: What do toads eat?

I frequently get questions about the average toad diet. The answer is: bugs! Lots and lots of bugs. Don't you wish you could just put a bunch of toads into your game's code when you hit alpha stage? Game devs would never starve! (more…)

Toad Tuesdays: All about toad paws

Of the many differences between frogs and toads, one of the most notable is with their paws. Toads have hand-like little paws with fingers, most frogs tend to have webbed paws that help them swim. (more…)

Toad Tuesdays: What’s the difference between a toad and a frog?

Welcome to the first installment of Toad Tuesdays! This is where we take a break from long rants about the indie life, entrepreneurship, and so on and I just talk about my favorite animal: the humble bufonid, or toads. People always tell me they never met anyone who’s had a toad until they met me,…

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