Monthly Archives: February 2016

Becoming More Receptive to Inspiration

Every creative person needs a muse, right? What if you were surrounded by muses but simply had no idea what to do with them? When you’re in a really shitty and stressful time of your life, sometimes that distress can wind up inspiring you (see: a vast majority of punk songs) but too much distress…

Toad Tuesdays, Groundhog Day Edition: Toad Hibernation

Happy Groundhog Day! Alas, because of the weird lighting in here Yael never sees her shadow. But sometimes she likes to pretend she’s a groundhog because toads do like burrowing. Climate crises notwithstanding, animals typically hibernate this time of year in deciduous zones. What about toads? It all depends. American toads definitely hibernate in colder…

Cold form emails suck! This is not how you get sales from game devs.

The only things that could possibly be worse are unsolicited calls and junk mail. I really hate being interrupted when I’m working or trying to relax. Then as for the junk mail, I shudder thinking of the paper waste. I wept with joy when I moved right after New Year's for many reasons, not the least of…

Hey! Do you want to totally kill it at owning a game studio or another creative business but are struggling? Or you just don’t know where to start?

Yes! I want to know all the secrets to totally crushing this!


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