Entrepreneurs and indie devs need mental health days!

I had a nervous breakdown not that long ago. What triggered it? Having to write a CV. I know that probably sounds bizarre, coming from someone who gets paid to help indie developers with professional development. But hear me out.

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Your Game Audio: A Producer’s Perspective

Why do game devs overlook audio so much? This is really befuddling. Maybe I have that perspective because music is a HUGE part of my life. One of the biggest aspects of my identity is my involvement in the punk, hardcore, and metal scenes. I’ve played in punk bands, can read music, and was an […]

Toad Tuesdays: What do toads eat?

I frequently get questions about the average toad diet. The answer is: bugs! Lots and lots of bugs. Don’t you wish you could just put a bunch of toads into your game’s code when you hit alpha stage? Game devs would never starve!

How to make a to-do list, for real

I know that the title of this post sounds stupid. Patronizing, even. But frankly, list-making is a skill that reminds me of my tax pro days. I mean that as in tax guides and my colleagues made me facepalm all the time because they just assumed that every client had good recordkeeping skills out of […]

Why flex work is a lifesaver for indie developers and struggling freelancers

I’m not a fan of traditional jobs where you report to an office day after day. There are few things I have hated in this life more than getting up at ass o’clock to cram myself into a pair of pantyhose and a blazer that would fight  with gravity for dear life.